Damage on Your Ceiling: Why Professional Repair is Essential

water damage to ceiling

When you notice something awry, the DIY urge might kick in to save a few bucks. However, some situations warrant professional attention, and a water-damaged plasterboard ceiling is one such case.

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Discovering Water Damage: Identifying Types of Ceiling Issues

Various signs can indicate water damage:

  • Ceiling Stains
    Unmistakable signs of trouble, stains of varying sizes and colours contrast starkly against a pristine white ceiling.
  • Bowed Ceilings
    A dip in your ceiling can signal water accumulation, demanding immediate attention.
  • Soft/Damp Drywall
    If your plasterboard ceiling feels spongy and yields easily to pressure, it’s a clear indication of water damage.
  • Peeling Paint
    While paint naturally peels over time, unexpected peeling, cracking, or flaking could indicate an underlying issue.

Crucial Considerations for Water-Damaged Ceilings

Repairing ceiling plaster yourself may not be ideal due to various factors:

  1. Identifying the Water Source
    Fixing the initial water source is crucial to prevent future damage.
  2. Addressing Flooding/Standing Water
    Whether dealing with minor patches or extensive flooding, standing water requires immediate attention.
  3. Assessing Wet and Damaged Joists
    If the leak damaged the ceiling, it likely affected wooden joists, necessitating repairs before fixing the ceiling.
  4. Tackling Mould Growth
    Wet areas foster mould growth, and a prolonged wet spell can lead to a significant mould buildup. Clearing this is vital before commencing ceiling repairs.

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